How to Pick a Strong Beer

Picking a beer with a some extra punch is tough. When I’m at a bar, a lot of the times I want a strong beer but I see an endless tap selection of random beers. I usually end up picking an IPA because I know it is going to have a high ABV.


Recently, I’ve gotten bored of IPAs so I’ve decided to figure out which types of beer are the strongest and what clues/keywords I can remember for the next time I am stuck figuring out which beer to pick. If you are often looking for a strong beer to pick – I think you’ll find this an interesting read.



Best Beers to Beat the Summer Heat

Big Wave Golden Ale
Photo credit: JayW51

It’s finally summertime!  The days are getting longer, the sun is shining brightly, and it is getting hot outside. Nothing feels better than a cold, refreshing beer to combat that summer heat.  There’s no better time than now to learn which beers are best for the summer.


You might ask: Isn’t all beer refreshing in the summer?  That’s a good question.  Ever drink a dark, malty beer like a doppelbock with its thick body and malty, sticky, and syrupy mouthfeel?  I definitely don’t want that feeling when its 90 degrees and my mouth is looking for something smooth and crisp.


So first let’s go into what qualities make beers, and drinks in general, feel refreshing.