Buy Beer Online – The Guide

You are thinking about buying beer online. But what should you look out for? Where can you find the best quality beer and the cheapest prices? In this article, I’m going to tell you what you should know before buying beer online. I’ll follow that up with my recommendations of the best online beer stores.

Know These Things before Proceeding

These facts will save you time and energy when trying to buy beer online and will help ensure that you’ll get the best value for your dollar.


  • Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia


  • The state by state laws vary for shipping alcohol in state and taxing alcohol.  A majority of online stores will not ship to the above states under any circumstances.  Some online stores may ship to some of those states, but be cautious as shipments have been seized.

Shipping Beer Is Not Cheap

  • Alcohol is a regulated product.  All shipments must be signed for on delivery by a person of 21 years or older.  UPS and Fedex have an additional charge for required signatures, so you are most likely going to be paying for this at checkout.


  • Beer is usually in glass bottles and is heavy.  The cost for shipping a fragile, heavy item is usually substantial – so expect to pay for this at checkout.  It’s very rare to get free shipping.


  • Make sure to check the length of your shipping time and also the weather.  If it is extremely cold or hot, that can influence the quality of your purchase when you get it.  Nobody wants beer that was sitting in a hot truck for 5 days straight.

So Why Should I Buy Beer Online

  • You want to try beers that you don’t have access to in your area.  A lot of craft brews are only available in their region, which means if you don’t live there, you are normally out of luck.  By buying online, your beer market expands greatly.


  • It’s easy!  Instead of scouring the beer stores in your area for those couple rare craft beers, you can just sit in the comfort of your home and have them shipped to you in a matter of minutes.


  • You can send them as a gift.  Maybe you have a friend or loved one that really enjoys craft beers – you can send them a great gift directly to their door.  Make sure they know that they have to be there to sign for it!

My Recommended Online Stores:

Nice selection of craft beers and has been in the online beer market for a while with good reviews.  Clean interface and easy to navigate.

Good selection of craft beers and can have specials on shipping. However, the site can seem a little cluttered and hard to navigate.

This site has been around for a while and gets decent reviews on BeerAdvocate forums for its quality selection and shipping.

Join a Beer of the Month Club

Beer of the month clubs are a great way to have awesome beers hand selected for you and shipped right to your door each month.  Check out my in depth look at beer of the month clubs:
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