My Story

I’m Garner McCloud, a 26 year old avid beer fan and recreational brewer. Ever since college, I’ve discovered more and more about the world of beer that fascinates me. When I tried my first beer, honestly I wasn’t a fan. I guess Natty Light doesn’t really open you up to all of the flavors of beer.


The second beer I tried, Yuengling Traditional Lager, was a pleasant surprise and pushed me towards other varieties of beer. My first true love of beer was Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA. The hops were quite overwhelming for my palate but in a good way. I became a staunch IPA drinker for the next year.


Eventually I met my friend Ivan, who was my beer mentor of sorts. He had just started brewing beer and he was the one I turned to for my newbie questions. Ivan got a lot of his knowledge from John Palmer and his book – How to Brew, so I guess I can say that John Palmer is my biggest mentor.


Ivan and I started brewing beer together in our college club’s industrial kitchen. It had amazing stove tops that we sorely miss now when we try to brew in an apartment-sized kitchen. Man, those were the times. We kicked out batches every 4 weeks or so, starting with an Oatmeal Stout, the infamous Barnyard (Belgian tripel), a black IPA, several amazing hefeweizens, the Delta 88 IPA, and the controversial Barnyard clone, the Navi.


After college, I moved to Manhattan for work where things got busier. I started working as a trader in finance and then switched over to tech as a software engineer. Ivan came to NYC as well so we continued brewing, although on a much less frequent schedule. That brings us to today, the spring of 2015. We already brewed our first beer of the year, an IPA, and plan to do much more brewing this year.

Why I Blog

I decided to start blogging because many of my friends, coworkers, and family members are always asking about the different types of beer. I don’t always know the answer to some of the more involved questions like what makes an Imperial IPA ‘Imperial’, so I think it is finally time that I share my journey with others. Hopefully, this blog will light my reader’s path to discovering more about beer.


I wouldn’t call myself a beer expert at all, but I think that is a positive thing in this case as I’m able to approach beer as a new person would.


I think you’ll find that you’ll have a better appreciation for beer after reading this blog. Beer should taste better by knowing about its subtle characteristics and also knowing its back story. I plan to share that and much more with you.


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